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Spring-Summer 2022


The inspiration started from the handmade fishing trap called “Nassa”. The fascinating combination of netting and basketry that goes into to the making of the “Nassa” inspired a collection featuring Maltese and Mediterranean traditions that are unfortunately slowly disappearing. Different shapes of the “Nassa” are used to catch different fish types, but the specific “Nassa tal-Arznell” is only used in Gozo. The traps were traditionally made from “Disa” a fine reed like material, by not using plastic and not damaging the sea bed the way of fishing is considered much more sustainable than more current fishing techniques.

The nautical theme of the collection is further explored with images of the colourful “Lhudi” and “Gharusa” fish that can often be spotted in Maltese waters. Nautical stripes that are reminiscent of Maltese summers and beach umbrellas and graphic interpretations and manipulations of the unique “Nassa” hand-woven patterns.

This season the designers also introduce a new version of the iconic CR logo. The new intertwined C&R logo is inspired by the traditional art form of ‘Tberfil” which is a painted lettering style seen on Maltese buses and trucks. Drivers used to paint their initials on the side of their vehicles and the new logo is an homage to this dying art .

The main colour palette for this collection consists of Sunburst Orange, Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Deep Blue, Comino Turquoise, Sand and Straw all set off against Charles & Ron staples Black and White.

Fabrics used for the collection of women and menswear are ; Silk Mikado, laser cut Faux-Leather, hand stitched Raffia on Tulle, Hand-beaded Tulle with feather embellishments, Silk Satin,Viscose, Cotton knit, Hand beaded fishnet Tulle with black pearl beaded embellishment and chiffon and organza ruffled fabric with raw edging.

The new collection is paired with a selection of bag designs which are hand-made in Malta in Italian leather. The new styles feature the Laser-Cut “Nassa” weave patterns, laser engraving , nautical stripe patterns in new Croc effect leather colours and new hardware featuring the C&R “Tberfil” logo and an updated decorated version of the classic C&R hardware logo.

The looks are styled with the new Charles & Ron straw hat collection featuring an open woven hat based on the “Nassa” weaving style and several other styles for both men on women. The “Palju” ( a fan made of woven Reed on a stick , traditionally used by men ) also makes a come back in a CR branded version to keep you cool on those hot Mediterranean summer days and also to keep the beautiful Maltese traditions alive!