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Fall-Winter 2022/23


After a two-year absence, Charles & Ron are honoured to announce the debut of the Fall/Winter 2022/23 collection, titled ‘Cynosure’, on the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Week, powered by Art Hearts Fashion on the 20th March 2022. This time round however, one needn’t be in the audience to experience the grander and splendour of the collection. Thanks to the brand’s recent collaboration with ARize Group, fashion enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the showcase through their device – having the ability to discover a selection of the ornate pieces in all their glory in AR/3D format.

Drawing inspiration from the 16th-century palace ‘Casa Rocca Piccola’ situated in Malta’s capital Valletta, the collection highlights the beauty of the eclectic collection of decorative items housed within these walls, whilst seeking to explore the synergy between interior and fashion design. The aesthetic riches of Malta and the traditions of Maltese nobility, with specific focus on the aristocratic De Piro bloodline, is brought to life though the digital manipulation of prints featuring crystal glassware, gilded baroque frames, antique furniture, porcelain pottery, cross stitch fabrics, gold and silverware.

The rich opulent prints make their way onto the less rigid surfaces of Silk, Organza, Mikado and Velvet, with Baroque inspired patterns being used for prints on tulle, and as a bleached out effect on washed denim pieces. Hand-beaded elements, feathers, and gold paint effects on velvet and tulle are also used to further enhance the feeling of opulence and lavish decor. A focus is made to the sculptured tactile tailoring, with the garments’ shapes mimicking the decorative aesthetic of interior design, making the dress and the wearer “the cynosure of all eyes” – the centre of admiration in the room.

Gold, Slate, Silver and Steel Grey, Bottle and Olive Green, Ivory, Red, Lilac, Plum, Flamingo and Denim Blue and Black hues make up the palette of this collection, paired with a selection of new bag designs which are hand-made in Malta in 100% real Italian leather, featuring graphic prints, laser engraving techniques and 3D leather cutout details.

To truly encapsulate what it means to “do the extraordinary when you are least expected”, this collection is dedicated to our team of seamstresses in Malta and Ukraine and Head of Design – Marian Gofre – who despite going through personal turbulence, managed to create a collection that is simply – cynosure. In a time when fashion feels frivolous and extra, we also dedicate this collection to the courage of the people of Ukraine.

“Cynosure” is a message of beauty, love and peace.
War should never be the answer.

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Fall-Winter 2022/23