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Spring-Summer 2024

“A language of love”

On 23rd September 2023 C&R represented Malta and showed their latest collection during Milan Fashion Week at the iconic Palazzo Serbelloni. The guest consisted of important Milan fashion

industry figures, clients and press. The inspiration for the ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2024 collection started from letters that Charles & Ron used to receive from their late friend Katya.

She was famously known for her glamorous style but also for her very creative and colourful letters.

Decorated with stars, glitter, ribbons and stamps. Going back in time, to the days when handwritten letters were still the most common form of communication,

a language of stamps was invented, separate from their normal use as postage.

It was an ingenious way to express a secret meaning in postal messages.

Charles & Ron were intrigued by this phenomenon which is thought to have begun at the end of the 18th century and spread throughout Europe, being most popular in England.

Helpful guides started to appear on how to position stamps on an envelope to declare a message of love,

romantic interest, desire and passion. Love or heartbreak all concealed behind the language of stamps.

To further explore this history and the memory of Katya’s letters, the designers created a set of in house designed stamps that all feature important moments and places in their life and career.

These stamp inspired graphic prints are digitally printed on chiffon,Tulle and Silk. They feature the C&R gloves Ariana Grande wore in Hollywood, Malta’s rich mediterranean

fishing traditions, Malta’s national flower and iconic balconies, their friend Katya Saunders and also references to the newly opened; Charles & Ron Cafe.

The “Eye of Horus” which the designers introduced in several of their previous collections, takes on a prominent role in this season’s Black and White colour group.

The “Eye of Horus” is now a brand icon synonymous with Charles & Ron, representing guardianship and protection.