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Fall-Winter 2020/21

'Hands of Time'

In true Charles & Ron style this collection draws inspiration from their home country Malta, and for this season the designers put their focus on the traditional Maltese Clock.

Also known as “L’Arlogg Tal-Lira”.

The Maltese Clock embodies almost all the elements that C&R have featured in their collections in the past years; Maltese history, fine woodwork, metal work, craftsmanship, precious ornaments, gold gilding, decorative flowers, the 8-pointed cross and paintings of Maltese landscapes.

Although it is difficult to precisely trace the Maltese clock’s origin, it dates back to the late 17th century. Its purpose was to serve both as a utilitarian object as well as a decorative one.

It was found in houses of the upper classes and of rich clerics. It was also hung in prominent positions in public palaces and auberges, as well as in church sacristies.

Fascinated by the the stages of the workmanship that are involved in making of the clock , Charles & Ron applied these stages to the development of the graphic prints and designs for the Fall/Winter 2020 collection.

This collection tells the story of all the artisans involved in the making of the clocks, from woodwork, clock mechanism, landscape painting to the rich gilded patterns that give the clock it’s opulent finished look.

Graphic in house designed prints feature the white unfinished clock cases, the clock face with Maltese landscape painting, the finished gilded clocks, the metal clock arms and a baroque clock decor inspired pattern.

Charles & Ron used Silk Taffeta, Silk Twill, Pure Crepe Wool, Organza, Lace, Velvet, and Chiffon for this collection. For some of the Men’s clothing printed denim is introduced.

The beaded appliqué designs of the clock arms, clock face and flowers are all hand-beaded in a mixture of glass beads and crystal.

The main colour palette for this collection consists of Red Rose, Pink Rose, Antique Gold, Rose Gold, Teal, and Azure Blue, all set off against staple Black and a soft Winter White. The Men’s collection also features Sky Blue and Sand.

The new collection is paired with a selection of new bag designs which are hand-made in Malta in Italian leather.

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